Who is a Mentor? - From the FIRST Web Site

"Mentors and Coaches are individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines who work with students to share their knowledge and guide them through the season. Many Mentors contribute on a weekly basis during competition season, or support the team with subject matter expertise on an as needed basis. Teams may have additional or more specialized roles or a combination of roles as needed. In addition, Mentors help to foster the idea of Gracious Professionalism® and have the students do as much of the work as possible."

We're fortunate to have several mentors who donate their time, talents and wisdom during the year.

Jeff Mullins
Jeff has been head mentor for Team 2135 since 2015, and has been a team mentor since 2011, when his two daughters attended Presentation and were on the Robotics team. He initially worked with the software/electrical subteam. As head mentor he now is involved in a bit of everything. In other FIRST activities, he has been a judge at local FLL competitions and a Control System Advisor at Central Valley Regional. Jeff works as a Senior Firmware/Software Engineer at SpaceX, writing embedded software for small cube satellites. Prior to that, he worked on a variety of embedded firmware products such as Motorola cellular phones, Apple WiFi networks, Eclipse Aviation jet flap controllers, and Amazon IOT devices. Jeff has a BS degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Cincinnati.
April Mullins
April is a team alum and has been a mentor with the team since 2015, when she graduated from Pres. As a team member, she was involved in all aspects of the robot: CAD design, manufacturing parts using the CNC mill, CNC router, lathe, and hand tools, electrical and assembly. She was also part of the drive team for 3 years as operator and driver for the Ultimate Ascent, Aerial Assist, and Recycle Rush robots. She was a team co-President during her senior year. As a mentor, she has been involved in the Mechanical Design subteam, including running CAD training sessions and overseeing the robot design. She also helps train the drive team, and assists with manufacturing questions and issues.
Jeanne Mullins
Jeanne has been a team mentor since 2015, and was a team parent before that when her two daughters were on the team. She formed the Marketing and Scouting subteams, which she continues to help with. She also helps with the Control Systems/Programming subteam when needed. In addition, she takes care of all the team food, travel planning, and general team administration logistics and arrangements. Jeanne is a retired Senior Staff Software Engineer from Xilinx, where she wrote C++ software used to help program Xilinx field-programmable-gate-array chips. Jeanne has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
Brian Fox
Brian has been a mentor for Team 2135 since 2016 and is involved in the Manufacturing subteam. He is retired from Apple, where he designed test access circuits and debugged chips. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology. He enjoys building quasi useful things like human powered airplanes and 3-wheeled electric cars in his spare time.