2018-19 Student Leadership Team

The team is led technically and organizationally by our students. The leadership group has invested hundreds of hours in developing their technical expertise while also learning how to organize and work on teams. The team is organized by the technical and business areas needed, and our leaders are chosen based on their invested time, work ethic, and personal commitment to making the team better.

Samantha Y. Co-Captain, Mechanical Design Director
Kiana L. Mechanical Design Lead
Zara S. Mechanical Design Lead
Anagha S. Mechanical Design Lead
Anjali S. Co-Captain, Manufacturing Director
Anika A. Manufacturing Lead
Diana F. Manufacturing Lead
Nikita M. Manufacturing Lead
Tanya N. Scouting Director
Pallavi S. Scouting Lead
Rithu P. Control Systems/Programming Director
Sarah U. Marketing and PR Director